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What reason you got to buy new clothes??

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02 September, 2015: 

How often are you questioned for shopping or buying a new clothes? These usual, “again!! a new clothes?”,” Aren’t your closet full enough?”, “you just a bought a dress last Friday right?”, surely drives you mad. Well, no need to be inaudible any more, set reason for buying new clothes. Let’s hear some compelling answers to shop.

1. I’ll wear it with EVERYTHING- It’s the top that will go with your jeans, your work trousers, with a leather jacket; can go with any dress. I should buy it.

2. I can dress it both up and down- Smart way to dress up when I got nothing to wear.

3. It’s just SO on trend- Everyone owns a floral skirt these days, so even I should have one, too.

4. It’s in sale- That dress with 30% off is pretty enough to grab one for me. Benefits!

5. I can always take it back- I’ll buy it, take it home and I can always bring it back if I don’t like it… I never will.

6. It’s an investment piece- I’ll be able to wear it for the rest of my life. That’s a wise investment.

7. It’s classic. it’ll never go out of fashion- I can carry it eternally.

8. I got many, but not in that color!

9. I won’t buy lunch for next week- Who cares for tomorrow, I better get the dress now.

10. I have a wedding/ interview/ birthday/ event.- No doubt, an invite for an occasion demand a new outfit.

11. I haven’t bought anything new in Ages!!- So, naturally, it’s fair to buy new clothes.

12. It feels like really good quality, so I can wear it next summer- Yes, I am getting it on good fare with good quality, will work on next season.

13. Sonam Kapoor wore something similar on a event- If a celebrity just wore the same dress, then buying it can never be a mistake.

14. Shop Day!!- I’m basically rich today !!





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