WhatsApp Launches Free Voice Calling For Android


    April 4, 2015:  One of the most popular messenger services, WhatsApp is trying to attract more audiences with its new features that have been offered to gather new users. Recently, WhatsApp has offered free voice calling service for users. The new service is certainly going to lift up this app against other social apps such as Skype and Viber.

    The newly introduced calling feature is available on the Android version 2.12.5, and runs smoother  than the one available on the version 2.12.19. The users claimed that the version 2.12.19 did not    work properly.

    The interested ones who want  use the application can do so with the new Android application package (APK) file through the website of WhatsApp. When you have finished installing the file, you will find a new tab. Then tap on the calls tab and choose the name of the person who you want to make the call to. When somebody calls you using this app, you just have to either tab and slide on the green button to answer the call, or tap on the red one to ignore it.

    You can also tap on a message icon on the screen that will let you to send a quick message to the caller instead. The “Calls” tab has a list of incoming, outgoing and missed calls from the WhatsApp application.

    However, it has a demerit too. WhatsApp free voice calling feature cannot make access to useful emergency numbers of police station, ambulance, firebrigade and so on. According to WhatsApp co-founder Jan Kaum, “The new WhatsApp feature will first roll out for Android and then for the iOS, Windows and BlackBerry devices in the coming months.”


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