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Won’t rest on laurels: Niraula

As Chhakka Panja continues to break all box office records, its director vows to keep bringing new projects to the silver screen

Kathmandu, October 20, 2016: As this year’s runaway hit Chhakka Panja which this week inched over the Rs 12 crore mark at the box office–continues to draw in the crowds, an excited Deepashree Niraula, the movie’s debutant director, says it is the subject the movie pivots around that has struck a chord with moviegoers.

“The film raises a very sensitive issue the societal impacts of foreign employment that countless Nepali households are grappling with today. It is easy to see why Chhakka Panja has become an overwhelming success,” said Niraula, speaking to the Post.

Chhakka Panjawith its ensemble cast and a humourous take on the impacts of migration for foreign employment on marriages and families–continues to draw in the crowds six weeks into its release. Earlier this week, the movie became the Kollywood’s highest grossing movie after surpassing the 10 crore mark set by Kohinoor, starring late Shree Krishna Shrestha.

Further, Niraula likened Chhakka Panja’s feat to that of Bollywood classic Sholay.
“Chhakka Panja has brought about a new wave into the commercial Nepali movie industry; the record it has set will likely last a while,” Niraula said.

“Most of the audiences I talked to said they liked the movie’s humour and the social message,” Niraula went on, “I think the film’s cinematography really wowed the audience.”

But Niraula said the team is not going to rest on the laurels and will be initiating new project soon. “It is a privilege to have such a stellar scriptwriter as is Deepak Raj Giri and a very hard-working cast. With success comes challenges; the team will soon be gearing up for a new project and will aim to make it as good as our previous ventures,” Niraula added.