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World Breast Cancer Day marked

Photo: theomegabreastcenter.com

Kathmandu, October 25, 2016: Breast cancer survivors’ meet and breast prosthesis workshop were held by Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Lalitpur to mark World Breast Cancer day on Monday.

During the programme, breast cancer survivors shared their personal experiences.

Rajina Mulmi Katuwal shared her physical pain of having to live with breast cancer.

“Life becomes difficult for women suffering from breast cancer. I have been visiting India for treatment and have already spent more than Rs 3 million on treatment.”

Similarly, Anita Dhakal, another patient, said, “I had to undergo surgery to remove my breast because of the cancer. This was very painful.”

Dr Kapendra Shekhar Amatya said the number of women suffering from breast cancer has been increasing in Nepal. Nearly 15,000 women in Nepal are suffering from breast cancer and there are more breast cancer patients in the cities than in villages.

“Women in city areas seek treatment in the second to third stage of breast cancer, while women in villages seek treatment only in the last stage,” he said.

Of the 7,400 females, 11.6 per cent die of breast cancer, 7.0 per cent of ovary cancer and 5.7 per cent of stomach cancer.

The report presented by Amatya stated that women above the age of 40 are more prone to breast cancer in Nepal.