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Youth Seen As Effective Helping Hands


May 3, 2015: Youth are seen actively participating for the welfare of the earthquake victims. Most of the youth has taken the initiations to provide the relief materials to be reached to the needy people.

“Youth involvement is highly encouraging and influential for better communications to make the relief material available to the needy one” said Bijendra Joshi of Smart Pani, which is a private company providing unfriendly and economical solution to water and waste issues in Nepal since 2011.

Nepal Rises, an initiative of Smart Pani is also one of the organization that has been helping to the quake victims by providing the relief materials like tents, food, Piyus (for safe drinking water) etc. They said that firstly they were working on social media for the relief help but as the surrounding people showed more concerned for the help they didn’t have to seek social media for the help.

11187818_1549500138646156_4433224094040498728_oBijendra Joshi from Nepal Rises said that Fund is major challenge of every effort and  the materials has been raised by his friends from nation and abroad. They have been cooperated with KEC who is managing some of the campagians in US and all friends from googles and search force who are the strong lead. Basically, the fund for the relief materials were collected personally through the help of friends in Nepal and foreign friends and they have nearly 20-30 volunteers.

Talking with Glocal Khabar he said, “The response of these campaigns are seeing highly positive. People from various field has shown the concerned for helping the victims and they had been working as mediators better say a strong supply chain for the availability of the products.”

Similarly, the materials are utilized very properly since they know how much amount of stuffs they have and how much to be distributed to the whom and where. They also mentioned that they are not there for the help of the specific place or people,the help is to every needy people distributing the goods to them. There team had recently been to Sindupalchowk.

It has been a week Smart Pani has started its campaign and planning of long term campaign is yet to be planned since they are working on rapid response and connectivity.

One of the volunteer at smart pani said that active youth participation are creating the strong bond and coordination of various minds is helping people which really has seen to be effective for providing the relief to the needy people.

By: Sangeeta Gautam


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