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Youths Reviving Library


Rautahat, Sept. 9: Realizing the need of library to expand the horizon of knowledge, youths from Kaptan area of Chandrapur Municipality-2 in the district have decided to revive an old library.

The Janajagriti Library set up two decades back was left almost unused, but the youths felt the need of its repair and revival so that it could draw more number of readers.

The youths with keen interest in literature came up with this idea, reasoning the library was essential platform for learning new things. So, they are now seeking help from different sectors to construct a new building for the Library and add more books of different genres.

The Library was then set up with the initiative of children. They had collected money from deulibhailo programmes during the Tihar festival and sought some donation to set up the Library.

But the visitors to the Library gradually declined citing the lack of new books and expansion of the Library thereby coming to a halt on reading habit among the youths.

Therefore, the active youths and locals associated with various organizations began the construction of a building for the Library on its own land. The assistance for this is sought from the organizations like Janachahana Forest Consumers’ Committee and the Social Welfare Livestock Development Farmers’ Cooperatives.

Similarly, a new working committee has been formed under Bhumi Lal Neupane to revive the Library. The new committee having representation from various sectors was formed through an all-side meeting. RSS


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