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15 reason girls like to dress on summer


31 August, 2015: Girls love summer dressing. The main reason- it’s dress weather. Meaning we can wear a dress every day without thinking twice. When we list all of the reasons we love Summer, we often skip over one very important fact: that it just so happens to be the best season to express our style.  Summer is about so much more flesh to display!. Here are few reason listed to fall for summer dressing:

  1. We can have more style with less clothing.
  2. We can actually show off our favorite dress.
  3. Distressed denim are like air conditioning.
  4. Floral are in season.
  5. Cool sunglasses are an everyday staples.
  6. We can add hat to every outfit.
  7. We can wear high heels at all outfit and any time.
  8. We can carry all white outfit.
  9. It’s easy to show off our favorite body parts; shoulder, legs.
  10. We can rock a crop top everyday.
  11. We can show out our pedicures.
  12. We can mix and match proportions.
  13. The more color, the better.
  14. You don’t need to add up layers.
  15. Dresses can be best worn, on any style.



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