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4 Ways To Cuff Your Pants Approved By Hollywood


April 24, 2015: Style in with a easy perfect pant cuff. Here Hollywood approves four ways to cuff your pants.The Backflip, the Perfectly Imperfect, the Mini Roll, the Precision Cuff. It is a easy thing to roll them legs up and be more stylish.

Undoubtedly, the minimize of the pant cuff family, the back-flip simply takes one solid fold up to the ankle which smooth out the wrinkles and emphasize the fold crease.

Again, cuff the pants bringing it three-quarters of the way up from the first fold then create a third fold (about one and a half inches thick) on the left side on your left leg, leaving the right side untouched.Loosen up the folds a bit for that tousled gives unintentionally styled looks.

If you choice for mini roll, fold about one and a half inches thick and Roll upwards, stopping at the lowest part of the calf. The faster you do this, the better.

Lindsay considered that it doesn’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to get particular with it at all.

And for precision cuff, fold the pant leg upwards, creating a two-inch cuff Smooth out the crease, or the bottom of the fold, so that the cuff is perfectly rectangular and precise as you fold up.


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