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Treasure Hunt’s Fun and Planning: Ninth Session of EmpowHer Junior

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This was the most awaited day of EmpowHER Junior session. All the change makers as well the Ujyalo team was super excited for the hiking day on 6 Magh, 2074. Personally, I was more excited for the treasure hunt, an activity scheduled for the day.  

With full excitement, we reached the reached the Narayanthan Gate and started our hike at 9:30 AM. We were divided into three groups each having 2 people except one of the group. Each group was given a particular name and our group was named as ‘Green Group’.

Sneha and Adity were in also in the group and we were assisted by Ashma Didi and Divya Didi.  The treasure hunt game would make us find the clues hidden in different places. Our first clue was at Budhanilkantha School. We headed towards the western side after then. We had a second clue on the way. Another clue was in the premise of Panchakanya School followed by the Stupa. Then the other one was in the pile of a sack of sand. Finally, Ashma Didi and I ran very fast to the other clue, which was later found to be the last clue.

Other members were also running behind us. We were so happy after getting the final clue on which was written, “CONGRATULATIONS! Get inspired”. It was the best moment of the hike for me. Then we waited for the other groups to come. After all of them arrived, we took our chance to click the photos.

We then walked for around 20 minutes to the Helipad. Then we returned and had lunch there in an open space, the place where we had found our last clue. We had the potluck. We were delighted to have Brownie made by Dipti.

Then the winners of Treasure Hunt were given prizes. Sneha got a notebook, Adity got a box of poster colors and I got a box of Sketch pens After returning to the Ujyalo Foundation, we discussed

about our Fundraising event.

The treasure hunt was very productive game as we learned about working on the team and collaboration. The day was really fruitful one for all of us.

“Determination leads to the success!”

Whoever reads this, you are cordially invited to our Fundraising event named “AASHA” on 4 February, Sunday. For further information, you can contact me at 9869005599.

By: Sanskriti Phuyal

The writers are EmpowHER Junior Changemakers