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945 women in race in Dang election


Dang, June 22, 2017: A total of 954 women are in election race for different posts in Dang district in the second round of local-level election scheduled for June 28.

As per the data provided by the Office of the Chief Returning Officer, Dang, 171 women candidates are vying for different posts in Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City, 173 women in Tulasipur Sub-Metropolitan City and 102 in Lamahi Municipality.

Similarly, 55 women candidates are contesting for different posts in Babai Rural Municipality, 72 in Rajpur Rural Municipality, 114 in Rapti Rural Municipality, 55 in Dangisharan Rural Municipality, 96 in Gadawa Rural Municipality, 57 in Shantinagar Rural Municipalities and 59 in Bangalachuli Rural Municipality.

Out of the total number of candidates, number of women candidates is 40 per cent. Of the women candidates, candidacy of women to the post of Mayor is very minimal.

Only two women are in the race of Mayoral post in the district. The CPN Revolutionary Maoist led by Mohan Baidya has made Sushila Acharya as the candidate of Mayor in Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City while Dropata Poudel of the CPN (Maoist Centre) is vying for the post of Mayor in Lamahi Municipality.

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