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Bamboo and Organic Clothing


25 November, 2015: Since then, the clothes were chosen as per fashion and styles. But this winter, the trend has been set by the environment and self-health conscious consumers, as demands for bamboo and organic clothing are increasing, as it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static. Moreover, during winter, it is warm and blends with the weather. The organic cotton used in the clothing is free of harmful chemical toxins, which often affects our body.

Environmentalist says that bamboo receives an upper hand in the sustainable fashion market because it’s easy to grow without pesticides and is quick to replenish itself. Another bonus is that bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and repels odour.

Hemp, linen, bamboo and organic cotton clothes are in demand in traditional and casual outfits for men and women, while health conscious parents are opting for warm clothes made of organic cotton for their children.

The organic cotton shirts are prepared without using any pesticides or dyes, which affect the environment and Global Organic Textile Standards are met by the manufacturers.


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