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Battle of Glory with raps and immunity in Himalaya Roadies


Kathmandu, September 12, 2017: With only 7 episodes left for the first ever Himalaya Roadies, the top 8 contestants geared up for the task location at Pokhara this week. The show, always surprising the contestants and audience with twists and turns, had fascinating tasks in its 11th episode aired yesterday.

‘Immunity task’ featured the task in pairs for cycling and standing paddle alternatively between teams. Like every other team task, this one required good communication and coordination between the team members. Divided into 4 teams, the task took on full swing with contestants flipping and rolling in the standing paddle time and again.

With a very thrilling and speedy performance, two strong contestants: Animesh Shahi and Saman Shrestha bagged the immunity doze safeguarding themselves from this week’s vote out. The crew members were up for more fun after this task, pitting all the contestants for the ‘Battle of Glory’.

A very unique moment in the history of Roadies, the remaining 6 contestants had a quick face off on a rap battle field to win another available immunity seat. With fostered creativity and style, we saw the six of them rap about their previous teammate with spicy words and cunning sarcasm. It took an emotional turn with the slam poetry round packing out dominant social issues like women violence and brain drain. Ranjana Bhattarai became the next immune contender with her awesome delivery in rap battle and slam poetry.

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As was the norm, the show had some dangling politics going on for the vote-out round. Vote-outs are the most unreliable points in the show where anything can happen. Friends backstabbing friends, enemies coping up; the game can turn away for anyone any moment. That’s when Chitwan-based Bishal Koirala got eliminated, now leaving the game for 7 contestants competing for the cash prize up to Rs 2 million and the honor of being the first ever Himalaya Roadie.

Himalaya Roadies is the Nepali franchise of the Indian reality TV show MTV Roadies. Himalaya Roadies airs every Monday at 8 pm on Himalaya TV.

By Drishti Maharjan