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Beni Municipality Bought Fire Engine Recently


Myagdi, June 16: Fire Engine has been bought by the Beni Municipality recently. The engine was bought with the financial support from the Ministry of Local Development while other amount was managed from the internal sources of the municipality, Executive Officer of the Municipality Hari Dutta Kandel said.

Executive Officer Kandel added that the fire engine was bought after managing the additional budget from the municipality’s internal sources which would help control the outbreak of fire in the city. The Ministry provided Rs 6 million out of Rs 6.87 million needed for buying the fire engine.

Kandel further added that considering the condition of the roads in the municipality the medium-sized fire engine was brought. It had been long demanded by the residents of Benibazaar, Galeshwor and Singa Tatopani to manage a fire engine in the municipality.


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