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Bloomberg to analyse Nepal’s stock market


bloomKATHMANDU, MAR 18 – The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has signed an agreement with international financial analysis company Bloomberg under which it will examine and disseminate information about Nepal’s stock market.

Nepse and Bloomberg signed a memorandum of understanding of the deal on Monday. Nepse General Manager Sitaram Thapaliya and Bloomberg’s representative in Nepal Jennifer Cole signed the agreement.

Nepse said in a press statement that it would make available its data to Bloomberg which would analyze it using financial software tools and publish the results on its website. “The memorandum has been effective from today, and I hope Bloomberg will start publishing Nepal’s data within a week,” said Thapaliya. He added that Nepse would not pay Bloomberg any fee for dissemination of information and analysis of data. “It approached us after its clients asked for information about Nepal’s share market too,” he added. Bloomberg has more than 315,000 users.

Thapaliya said that Bloomberg’s financial analysis of domestic companies would help investors make the correct decision as it is considered to be credible. Nepse said that it would help attract international investors to Nepal’s stock market.

“At a time when the government has adopted a policy of attracting foreign investors to Nepal’s capital market, the agreement with Bloomberg will draw their attention to our share market,” said Thapaliya. “Bloomberg’s clients asking it to include information about the Nepali market suggests that there are international investors interested in it.” This is the first time that Nepse has signed an agreement with international institutions that analyse the financial statements of listed companies.

The memorandum does not mention any time limit when it remains effective. However, either of the two sides can terminate the agreement by giving 120 days’ notice, according to Thapalia. Nepse said that Bloomberg had also promised to make available its resource persons when Nepse conducts training programmes.


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