Industrial pollution at Gallamani irks locals

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Industrial pollution at Gallamani irks locals

Siddharthanagar, 15 Jan 2015: Locals in Gallamani area have been badly affected due to the carbon and other pollutants spewed by a factory in the settlement.

The Honey Food Products Private Limited in the area is held responsible for the air pollution by the locals. They have been badly affected by the pollution. The houses around the biscuit factory are covered with soot and smoke released by the factory.

The smoke from the factory has polluted the green and fresh environment in the area. Apart from the air pollution, the factory is contributing to making the environment filthy by producing foul smell as the waste produced after the production is not properly managed.

The smoke and dust particles coming out of the industry covers the houses, clothes and other things affecting the health of the locals as the factory is right in the middle of the settlement, said Bhumadevi Bhattarai, a local.

The villagers complained that the owner and manager of the industry remain indifferent even when their attention was drawn many times to take measures to stop the pollution.

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