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Businessman Income Increased to Three Fold This Dashain


Lalitpur, September 27:  The number of people thronging to the markets have increased thereby the income of traders increased by three fold this Dashain.

Ramesh Karki , a local who is involved in readymade garment trading in Mangalbazar of Lalitpur disrict for the last seven years, said his income increased by three fold with the nearing of the Dashain.

Karki said he makes transactions of Rs. 50,000 to 80,000 against his normal income of Rs. 10,000/15,000 daily. Profit of around Rs. 20,000 from the business is made daily , he added.

Bimala Sharma, shoe trader in Mangalbazaar said as many as 60 customers arrive in the shop daily and she makes a transaction of at Rs.40,000.

Januka Gyawali, a customer said the price of readymade garment was found increased. It might be the cause that the import of Chinese clothes was disrupted for around a month due to landslide in Sindupalchowk.

It is learnt that the markets makes a good business until the Fulpati, the seventh day of Navadurga.




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