Cold wave affecting Mid Terai and Mountainous region

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Cold wave affecting Mid Terai and Mountainous region

Sarlahi,7 Dec 2014: Cold wave has been hitting the daily lives of people hard in the Mid Terai region since the mercury started to plummet.

Along with the cold wave, there has been no sunshine in places of Mid-Terai.

The mobility of the vehicles and people in the highway is also less owing to the steep increase in the cold.

According to Prabhakar Jha, the District Public Health Office the cold wave has affected the most to the people with chronic disease, respiratory problems and children below five years.

Keeping in view the increasing cold, Mohan Chapagain, the Chief District Officer, Sarlahi, said that his office is arranging firewood so as to light the fire in the thoroughfares for the public.

Meanwhile, in Solukhumbu, the number of patients has increased with the increasing cold in the district.

People, especially elderly and children, have been reported to have suffered from common cold, fever, pneumonia among others with the increasing cold.

The Health Care Centre in the district has seen an increase in the number of such patients.

Health workers have suggested locals to put on warm clothes and pay attention to the diet to combat the cold.

According to Dr. Suchita Pun, a physician in the District Hospital, Phaplu, some 40-50 patients do come to the hospital for the check up every day.

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