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Death Toll Rising In South Korea Due To Mers


June 15, 2015: Another patient has died tolling the death to 16 in South Korea amid an outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers).

As per the officials 150 people have now contracted the virus in South Korea. Officials also reported five new cases in South Korea, which has the largest outbreak outside the Middle East.

Meanwhile a South Korean 38 years old man reportedly works for a subcontractor of South Korean car maker Kia in Slovakia tested negative for the virus, but will remain in quarantine for further testing. He started showing symptoms such as diarrhoea, fever and skin lesions after arriving in the Slovak capital of Bratislava on 3 June.
Four blood tests have been conducted with three showing negative results, but the fourth test produced no clear result and so health officials say further tests will have to be conducted.

As the source of almost half the cases a hospital in the South Korean capital Seoul has suspended most of its services after being identified.

Similarly,a public apologywas issued by the president of the Samsung Medical Center on Sunday.The hospital would stop treating outpatients and admitting new patients to prevent further infections among patients and medical staff, Samsung Medical Center president Song Jae-hoon said.he further added that visitors are banded, and non-urgent surgery was being stopped.


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