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DEO, Morang, picketed

DEO, Morang, picketed
DEO, Morang, picketed

Gaushala, 8 Dec, 2014: Private school operators have today picketed the District Education Office (DEO), Morang, protesting the act of the DEO of closing the private schools run illegally in the district.

The private school operators have launched an agitation after the DEO directed to close 22 private schools running illegally.

Daily activities of the DEO came to a halt due to the protest programme.

District Education Officer Arabindalal Karna said the office directed to close the schools found operated without registration by neglecting the Education Act.

He further said the office sent a letter asking such schools to close immediately as the future of the children studying there would be uncertain.

Whereas, the private schools operators said they have been running the schools by depositing the amount in the bank account of the DEO as per the Education Act.

They said they were compelled to launch the agitation due to the move of the District Education Office.

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