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Different Programme Stopped Due To Swine Flu At Jajarkot


April 22, 2015: Due to seasonal and swine flu outbreak the different programme that was going to be held in the district has been stopped by the District Administration Office, Jajarkot .

On Tuesday, the local Administration wrote to all the district-based government offices and organizations asking them to instantly stop holding meetings, seminars and trainings as the number of swine flu and seasonal outbreak patient are growing and also due to widely spreading of the disease to new areas.

Unless the situation gets control the local of the 30 VDCs are requested not organize any sort of wedding parties, meeting and the ritual .

Likewise, the District Administration officer said until further notice comes the school have been order closed and people are also requested to wear mask and not to gather in groups.

The Chief District Officer Jagat Bahadur Basnet himself fell ill on Tuesday alone and had to be examined by a specialists’ team arrived there from Kathmandu



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