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A Discussion on Digitizing Education


KATHMANDU: ‘Kids of Kathmandu’ and ‘e-Education’ organized a conference on Digital Math education with the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on 13th and 14th of June, 2019.

The event marked the first day with a panel discussion and a social gathering afterwards. The panel discourse stressed on the role of technology in the classroom and addressed its challenges. The second day included a participative workshop. Personnel from the Ministry of Education, four municipalities, NGOs working in the education sector, and participants from public schools attended the conference.

It is typical to frown upon the delayed advancement of the educational environment in the country, however, the panelists provided rigorous insights to the concerns of the participants. The discussion brought diverse opinions regarding the role of Information and communications technology (ICT) in teaching-learning process. The panelists exchanged views about the feasibility of ICT facility in rural schools by highlighting the impending reluctance to change in teaching methodologies. Other highlighted issues were the availability of facilities and motivation of teachers.

JICA’s senior Representative, Yokota Kentaro, concluded day first by sharing the work of JICA in Nepal and advised the organizers and participants for a successful event.

The following day engaged all the attendees in the workshop, by forming them into groups to weigh the use and future of incorporating technology in the teaching-learning process. Participating teachers discussed the ways of utilizing, implementing and maximizing video lectures during classes, whereas another group of ICT teachers received detailed training on how to use the facility during lectures. Another group of government officials, NGO representatives, and public school heads worked out on the issues and solutions to expand the reach of video lectures where most needed.