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EgyptAir black boxes could yet provide clues


June 28, 2016: The black boxes of EgyptAir Flight 804 — badly damaged when they were found by searchers — are being repaired and authorities hope they can help solve the mystery of what caused the plane to crash into the Mediterranean Sea last month.

The French aircraft investigation bureau was able to fix the electronic board of the data recorder, Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry announced on Monday. Final repairs on the cockpit voice recorder are expected to wrap up as early as Tuesday, the ministry said.
Both devices were damaged by the crash impact and sea water, officials said.
Egyptian investigators sent the mangled memory chips of the so-called black boxes to a technical team in France last week.
Officials ran a battery of tests, including electric testing on the data units to gauge if the chips are “readable.”
The black boxes were recovered in the Mediterranean Sea by the crew of the John Lethbridge, a privately owned deep-sea survey and recovery vehicle contracted by Egypt’s government to aid in the search.