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Entrepreneur’s Club at Vidhya Sanskar School: Embarking an entrepreneurial journey


How would you expect a program to run when 15-16 years old organize it?

Yes, similar thing happened in the premises of our school, Vidhya Sanskar. On 29th Bhadra, 2074, ‘Entrepreneur Club’ of Vidhya Sanskar School was ready to celebrate Children’s Day. We were dedicated to make it a success with some new ideas and make it more exciting and fruitful. It took a lot of mental and physical preparations and negotiations with the departments of the school to make it happen. Finally, after English Department and Eco Club decided to collaborate with our Entrepreneurs Club, we got the positive vibes that rang us all up and instilled positivity that the event is going to be more exciting.

“The event started with a simple plan written in a single sheet of paper in the terrace of my house,” Chirag G.C, President of the Club, share about the start of the journey. We knew that the event will turn successful and will get more source of learning for the club and individual of course. With team members hard work, dedication and passion, the plan came to action. The preparation brought us the final layout of the event with 3 different figures i.e. English exhibition, garage sale and fun activities. Day before the event, all the setup was made and we were ready to let the event going.

Finally, 29th Bhadra came with lots of hope and positive vibes. We all gathered and had some discussions. All the team members warmed up team with some energetic words for success. Work was divided equally among all the members, we grabbed our designed spots and commanded “Bring On!”.

During the event, all the students were invited and given to visit and observe all the three segments. It was academically strong and practically exciting for them.

Not forgetting an objective of entrepreneurship, we were able to collect the money that we had invested for the program. We organized the fun activities like Lottery, Break the Empire, Hit the Pot, etc; where students were asked to buy ticket of Rs. 10, through which we succeeded to collect some funds and also had some profit. For us, it was a learning to manage of money.

The day was beneficial for both Club and students. Also, the teachers enjoyed games and other activities.

Our main mission for the event was to ’Make Students Active and Creative’. You may say how? The programs we conducted included an initiative and participation from huge number of students. In English and Garage Sale, students made lots of item using their  time, creativity and energy which helped them to enhance their knowledge and creativity. Through the student’s active participation, they came to know their own and others capabilities which came through the term “REALIZATION”. It made our club say “Yeah! We achieved what we targeted” and that was a moment of pride for us.

It was the first event of ‘Entrepreneur Club’. The event was grand for us because managing and organizing event with different ideas and perceptions is difficult, but we grabbed it and create opportunities to learn.

The day we were into the club, we had vibes that we would learn a lot. And yes we did. We started taking small steps and finally became capable of organizing something big. Every day we learnt something new. We started small and made it big. It was the power of “Entrepreneurship”. We were lucky to be the part of club. It was really a beautiful experience. The thing we learnt after being in the team cannot be turned in a single page; but the one main thing we learnt from the club is being self-competent and passionate for sure.

At last, remember something guys, farmer milks a cow and sells the milk in market but entrepreneur milks a cow makes curd, butter from milk and sells it to the market. That’s the real power of being an entrepreneur.

By: Entrepreneur’s Club, Vidhya Sanskar School.