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Establishment of the industrial village in Baglung


Baglung: Industrial villages will be developed at two local levels in Baglung district to promote entrepreneurship using local resources, skills and technology.

Baglung Municipal Municipality and Tarakhola Rural Municipality have introduced the concept of developing an industrial villages in line with the national goal ‘One local level, one industrial village’.

Baglung Municipality Mayor, Mr Janak Raj Poudel said that the government has approved the concept for developing industrial villages following a preliminary feasibility study in both the areas. He added-“The industry ministry has called for signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to this effect next week. Industrial village is sure to be established. We will start the necessary preparation this year.”

Industrial villages are to be established with the investment and coordination among all three tiers of federal, state and local governments.

It may be noted that the state government had recommended to the federal government for approval of the establishment of the industrial village as per local level demand. The local level needs to make the land available for industrial village. Baglung municipality has managed land at its ward-13, Kalakhola for the purpose. Mr Poudel added that almost 85 ropani public land is already available there and will purchase additional land if needed.

The industrial village is expected to contribute to foster employment opportunities and economic prosperity through the mobilisation of local resources. Locals of the area are elated with the work that is in progress for establishing the industrial village at Taragaun Rural Municipality – which is ahead in agriculture, livestock, minerals, and timber production.

The industrial village is expected to contribute to employment opportunities and economic prosperity through local resources mobilization. Locals are happy to establish an industrial village in Taragaun rural municipality which is far ahead in agriculture, livestock, minerals and timber products.

Land for the purpose to build the industrial village has been allotted at ward-1, Amarbhumi, Bhuskta, shared Taragaun rural municipality chair Mr Prakash Ghartimagar. He added that the tasks for developing detailed project report and environmental impact assessment are gaining momentum and the infrastructure development will believably begin this year.

Gandaki province had urged all local levels of the district to look for potential land for industrial villages. Other local levels cannot manage the land on time for the purpose so they are removed from the process this time.

Both federal and state governments have envisaged developing industrial villages locally in their policies and programs. There will be small and medium enterprises in such villages and large investment industries will be established within the industrial sector.

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