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Exclusive Interview with Sudarshan Subedi: Top 6 Finalist of GTH 2018


Sudarshan Subedi, 18, is an Ecopreneur.  He started an eco-friendly business venture putting the planet before profits at this very young age. He is Co-founder of Nepal Eco Club and Founder of Naxal Group. Subedi is currently working as the British Council School’s Ambassador. Sudarshan Subedi, Winner of Coca-Cola Feri Uthne Cha Nepal 2018 and one of the Top 6 Glocal Teen Hero 20 and has been giving his time and effort to make differences in 3E i.e. Entrepreneurship, Education and Environment taking it into different national and international workshops, seminars and interactive programs. He shared some words about him to Glocal Khabar during an exclusive interview after the event. 

Glocal Khabar: How was your journey as Top 6 Finalist and then Winner of Coca-Cola Feri Uthne Cha Nepal 2018? What do you recall the most?

Sudarshan: The journey as Top 6 finalist was awesome. It is a lifetime memory for me. Meeting other 5 aspiring young Nepalese below 20 was amazing. Those 6 days spent together visiting different corporate offices and institutions was something very very important and inspiring hearing how they actually started here in Nepal and are so big now. Another best part was listening to the struggles and achievements of the other 5. Everyone was the best in their sector.

Talking about Pheri Uthne Chha Nepal, that is another encouragement for me. We all were already a winner being listed in the top 6. Taking pictures making videos and spending time together with Nepal’s finest top 6 teenagers is the thing that I recall the most.Glocal Khabar: How did your journey as Ecopreneur start?

Sudarshan: I was a submissive student until grade 5. Once I was about to fail in Nepali subject which got my parents, relatives and teachers flare-up on me. Handling and taking all those reprovals positively I started working hard on my studies and ensnare the top position when I went to grade 6. I call that state “The Turning Point” of my life. Having a strong mentality and ability to control emotion is a great challenge which can be a turning point for everyone. That incident made me believe that hard work really pays off. Since that day, I have been grabbing all the opportunities and is actively participating in every clubs possible. Since that incident, there is no looking back.

According to Sudarshan’s mother, “Sudarshan has been a very clever, hardworking and innovative child from the beginning. Always trying to do new stuff was his habit. Actually saying, I am really proud of what he has done.”

His mentor Mr. Yubraj said, “He was a bright student during college. He studied college with full scholarship. He is also helping as ECA coordinator. He was also the topper of his batch. Leadership and his speaking ability, confidence and were something we were impressed about. He had this dimensional talent. After 5 years, I see him leading the business area of the country making an impactful trademark.”

Glocal Khabar: What is your plan after GTH 2018? What will you be working on?

Sudarshan: I am currently working on my new startup IDEBUS and parallelly I am also spreading Nepal eco Club throughout the country by forming a provincial committee. I am currently busy with the arrangements of the national seminar on the same.

Apart from that I am really excited to launch our new project called INSPIRER (with the collaboration of Glocal Teen Hero Top 6 finalist 2018) We will be traveling different part of the country and sharing our stories to encourage other young people to do something they want and they can for the country here in the country itself.

Glocal Khabar: What is your message to youths from all of your experiences till now? 

Sudarshan: Dream BIG! Never think I cannot! Think I may and say I can! And then you will definitely! Never give up, things are never easy, work hard, you will definitely achieve it. Help and support as much people as you can, you can never grow alone, take people along with!  

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Interviewed By: Adarsh Dotel