FA Cup pitch invasion: Villa Park scenes disgraceful – Tony Pulis

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FA Cup pitch invasion: Villa Park scenes disgraceful - Tony Pulis

7 March 2015 :  Fans who ran onto the pitch in Aston Villa’s FA Cup quarter-final win over West Brom at Villa Park are “mindless idiots”, says Baggies boss Tony Pulis.

An invasion by Villa supporters held up the tie in injury time and home fans also ran on at the end, while seats were thrown from the West Brom end.

Pulis expects the FA to investigate what happened during and afterVilla’s 2-0 West Midlands derby win.

“It’s disgraceful. We don’t want to see those scenes,” said Pulis.

In a statement,  the Villa board apologised to “the Football Association, the West Bromwich Albion directors, manager Tony Pulis and all his staff and players”.

It added: “The club does not condone supporters invading the field of play under any circumstances.

“We are very disappointed that what should have been a very memorable and proud moment for our fans was marred by the actions of those who could not control themselves.

“They have let both themselves and their club down.”

Referee Anthony Taylor was forced to halt the game in stoppage time, with Villa leading 2-0, as home fans spilled onto the pitch.

Many fans remaining in the stands booed the pitch invaders and chanted for them to leave the field.

The match resumed after a short delay, before another invasion after the final whistle.

Source : BBC Sport



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