First Ever Wind Energy Project Awaiting Resumption

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Mustang, Feb 9,2015: The first ever wind energy project of Nepal set up 25 years back at Kagbeni here has been screwed up due to gross negligence of the government and lack of budget and human resources.
A building constructed for producing wind energy has dilapidated, and the transmitter and battery are stored. The fans are left useless. Despite successful launch of the production of the wind energy from 11:00am to 4:00pm every day, it could not get continuity. The project ran for three months since its establishment in 2045 BS but stopped abruptly for ever, said a local Sonam Phurba Gurung. The electricity generated from the project was used by the 60 local households.
On the one hand, the country is facing acute shortage of energy with 12 hour long load shedding, the project developed on new technology has been disrupted for long on the other. However, no government and private sector has paid attention to it.
Gurung further wondered, “The project set up with innovative technique was popularized across the globe in the beginning. Even the foreign travellers questions why this is not continued, but we, Nepalis, are mute on this.”

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