Five Forestry officials resign En masse

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Five Forestry officials resign En masse

Lahan,1 Dec 2014: Since the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority started tightening the noose against the government officials with fake certificate, a kind of terror has spread among such officials.

Cases of en masse resignation have been on the rise of late. In this bid, yet another en masse resignation has taken place in a forestry office in Lahan.

Five officials, working at various capacities at the District Forest Office (DFO), Lahan, have resigned on November 13 under the dubious light.

According to Ram Narayan Yadav, Deputy Chief at DFO, Lahan, their resignations have been approved.

Deputy Chief Yadav opined that the en masse resignation has been understood as a face-saving graceful exit opted by the resigned officials.

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