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Five-year disaster risk management plan developed for Barpak

Barpak students fall sick
Barpak students fall sick

Gorkha, November 6, 2016: A local disaster risk management and climate change adaptation plan has been developed for Barpak, the epicentre of devastating April 2015 earthquake.

The plan to cover the period from fiscal year 2016/17 to 2021/2022 aims to help the locals deal with any kind of natural disaster at the local level itself.

The plan was developed by the Local Disaster Risk Management Committee with the support of Hariyo Ban Programme, Care Nepal, Swanra Intensive Village Development Centre, Gorkha.

The plan is expected to help develop structures, build capacity and skills at the community level to face eventual disaster risks, said Local Development Officer Narayan Acharya.

A 15-member Disaster Risk Management Committee has been formed with VDC Secretary Chet Prasad Amgain as its convenor.

Barpak had been repeatedly hit by disasters in the past including drought, snowstorm, landslides, fire and the earthquake.

The place is also frequently hit hard by epidemics of diarrhoea and cholera.

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