Food cooperative established for climate change resilience

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Food cooperative established for climate change resilience

Dhangadhi, March 2,2015: Two food cooperatives have been established each one in Bhajani and Lalbojhi VDCs in Kailali district, targeting the vulnerable communities from the climate change.
District Coordinator of Climate Change Resilience Programme ShivaAdhikari said the cooperatives were established to resolve the food crisis caused due to the climate change.
With the decision into implementation, Rs 160,000 has been deposited in the name of each cooperative and the amount would be used to purchase the foodstuffs during the time of crisis.
Local Adaptation Programme of Action (LAPA) is being implemented in different VDCs in the district since last year for the risk reduction caused due to climate change.
The programmes like livestock health management, technology transfer of crops, bio-embankment, maize farming, vegetable farming, sapling plantation, capacity building of the community members, irrigation canal construction, management of grazing land and others are in practice for the adaptation programme.




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