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French Fashion Designer ” Madame Carven” died


June 9, 2015: Marie-Louise Carven, a legend known for fashion designing, died on Monday aged 105.

476363918 She passed away on Monday morning at her home. Carven, who opened her  fashion house in the French capital in 1945, had a five-decade long career on the  idea that style should belong to all, not just for tall, skinny models.

Born on August 31, 1909 in central western France, she renamed herself Marie-  Louise Carven and designed clothes with a fresh and carefree style. She had a  prompt hit with actresses like Leslie Caron and Martine Carol and young girls  armadame_carvenound the world.

Unlike other labels such as Christian Dior, Carven  reached out to younger women  with practical yet  flattering and sexy designs. Carven was famous for  her simple but elegant nipped-waist dresses.

Carven entered the fashion world during the post-WWII era in Paris and got into  popularity by dressing the likes of Edith Piaf, Leslie Caron and Michèle Morgan. Madame Carven traveled the world with her collections as one of the first French designer to stage fashion shows in destinations such as Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand, Morocco and more.

Throughout Madame Carven’s career, she led the fashion house into fragrances, bridal wear and accessories and is even recognized with exclusive the push-up bra, which she originally designed for gowns.

In 2009, Madame Carven was made a Commander of the Legion of Honor, France’s highest distinction for civilians—cementing her immense impact in both the fashion world and French culture.




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