Is The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Five Trailer About To Drop?

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Is The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Five Trailer About To Drop?

26 November,2014: If you haven’t picked your jaw up off the ground after reading this Tyrion Lannister theory, don’t bother trying now — because there’s more “Game of Thrones” news on the way, thanks to a certain raven.

It’s looking increasingly likely that the first “Game of Thrones” season five trailer is about to drop. On Tuesday, the official @Game Of Thrones Twitter account pointed followers to a new website called Through the site, users can follow @Game Of Thrones, leading to the following Direct Message response: “You now have the power of #The Sight. Keep watch for visions of the future.”

It features Arya Stark, alone and shrouded in the pitch black of night, haunted by visions of plunging Needle into the chests of her enemies, among other horrible images. A woman’s cool voice tells her: “I see a darkness in you.”

The 10-second spot, and the @Game Of Thrones account’s promise of “visions of the future” to come, make it all but official that a new “Game of Thrones” trailer will be here shortly. What’s especially interesting is the reliance upon the Three Eyed Raven and talk of “The Sight,” considering these are words most commonly associated with Bran Stark.

Rumors have suggested that Bran won’t be popping up in season five at all. Perhaps those rumors have it wrong?




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