Salman Khan Makes His Ex-Girlfriend Katrina Kaif Angry?

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Salman Khan Makes His Ex-Girlfriend Katrina Kaif Angry

26 November,2014: The Kick star Salman Khan has taken many digs in the past. Well, his digs are always funny and in right spirits. However the Barbie doll of Bollywood Katrina Kaif seems to be in no mood these days to take such kind of humor.

We all know how Katrina made it to Arpita Khan Sharma’s wedding and even performed there and surprised the bride, but wait there’s more to the story, the Bang Bang girl Katrina was also the laughing stock of the evening.

Salman Khan pulled her leg with some sarcastic one liners and made a joke out of it. WellSalman’s intention was not to hurt the actress however it seems like Katrina Kaif is offended.




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