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Girls and young women learn to pursue entrepreneurship incorporating Business Model Canvas (EmpowHER Diaries)


Kathmandu, May 24, 2017: At the weekly girls leadership session held last Saturday at the Ujyalo Foundation in Lajimpat, the EmpowHER cohorts learned to carry out entrepreneurship with the use of idea development and strategic planning through Business Model Canvas.

The session started with an energizer on ‘Integrity’. Each of the 18 participants was given small papers of which 2 papers had the similar thing written. They were to close their eyes and make a sound to find their partners who had a similar sound. It taught about how much integrity we maintained and later taught accountability. It also made the cohorts realize that more true we are to ourselves, more satisfied and clear we are in our goals.

This session was followed by experience sharing by Shraddha Shrestha, a change maker of EmpowHER 2016. She shared the challenges she faced while doing the research, and who her inspiration was. She mentioned that her greatest learnings from EmpowHER journey were: Life doesn’t work until you take the chance; If you want to be creative, be critical; and Only dead fish flows in the sea.

She even asked the participants not to miss learning experience and opportunity in this training as she felt she had missed many opportunities. The session was productive and fruitful. Every participant was very interactive and curious on how to implement impact projects and how to start up.

This was followed by the session by guest lecturers Bibek Bhandary and Bibhuti Neupane from Antarprerana that focused on Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas which was helpful for the project implementation of EmpowHER, 2017.

“While starting the business, there is the assumption only,” shared Bhandary, adding, “Assumption is taken for the idea. Do mistakes and learn from it. This way you will get new ideas and innovate your business.” They clarified the importance of the model and mentioned how it gives insights about the business so that everyone in the organization understands the business strategy. They also enabled the girls to make business canvas models for their projects.

They not only focused on the Business Model Canvas but also on value proposition canvas. “The Value Proposition is all about what service we are giving and how we are helping to solve the customer problem. It includes gains, pains, and customers’ work,” they shared.

At the end, there was the reflection of the entire day. At the conclusion and reflection session, the girls were made to realize that one must have accountability and integrity.

By Manusmriti Baral and Aneeta Dahal

Over the course of four months, the EmpowHER cohorts will go through various activities related to leadership development, and get involved with the community. Glocal Khabar, as the official online media partner, will bring out regular updates about the programme throughout the project duration.