Grade Seven Students Make Helicopter In Ilam

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Grade Seven Students Make Helicopter In Ilam

Ilam,30 Dec 2014: Grade seven students at a local school in Ilam have assembled a prototype helicopter.

The enterprising students have already conducted the test flight of their creation. Rehans Jha, Aditya Tamrakar and Nabin Tamang, students at the local Green Valley Academy, have been successful in their mission after a two-week uninterrupted effort. But the children are not satisfied with this achievement and have a dream for further advancing their creation.

Rehans, who was the mastermind in assembling the helicopter, has already created a periscope and a quiz computer in collaboration with his colleagues and their creations are being demonstrated in educational expos in the district headquarters. The remote-controlled helicopter can fly up to a distance of 20 meters.

The ingenious students have made the school proud and the school is always with them in any efforts for new creations, said Nabin Dhakal, who teaches them science.

The school provided token financial assistance to the students for making the helicopter and they bought six batteries used in a remote control and substances used for fixing the helicopter parts with the amount. They themselves managed the remaining amount.

But, they are excited after the school promised them further financial assistance if needed. The students took the concept for creating a helicopter from toys available in the market.

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