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Investment friendly environment increases investment, more jobs on offer


Kathmandu, May 11, 2018: As the investment environment gets friendlier, the number of industrialists eyeing to open new factories has also increased significantly in Rautahat district . With the new factories being set up, job opportunities for the locals has also increased.

A number of industries in Rautahat district are planning to open manufacturing and processing related units and some have already come into operation. A number Baba Baijanath Sugar Mill, Shreeram Sugar Mill are planning to set up production plants in Dumariya of Katahariya and Garuda Municipality, respectively.

The sugar mills are set to  increases the sugar canes consumption and the farmers can expect fair and timely payment for their production as the demand increases. Baiju Prasad Jaisawal, proprieter at Baba Baijanath Sugar Mills said the farmers will be timely paid for the sugarcane they purchase.

According to the data from the Office of Cottage and Small Industries, Gaur, a total of 740 manufacturing related firms are operating in the district. Others include 943 service realted firms, 229 constructions, 157 agricultural and forest based and 94 tourism businesses have been established in the district.

The first nine months of this fiscal has seen a total of 587 new firms registering themselves earning a revenue of Rs.10.8 million in Registration fees.