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Jaleshower Municipality Accused For Storing Expired Pesticides


April 9,2015: Date-expired  pesticides of malaria and kala-azar were found in the store of Jaleshower Municipality in Mahottari district.

The pesticides of Rubi SWP brand,by the department of Health Service and the Epidemiology and Disease control Division under the Ministry of Health were send to the District Health Office(DHO), Mahottari to restrict the breakout of malaria and kala-azar  in the 68 affected VDCs in the district.

These disease is known as one of the largest killing parasitic in the world. As the inspection was going on  it was found that all the pesticides were kept in the store in the date-expired condition and was brewing a sort of blame game in between the Jaleshower municipality and district health office (DHO).

DHO, Mahottari was accused by the Jaleshower municipality for the sending the date-expired pesticides but it refutes the accusation claiming to send it before it was expired.

The pesticide which was manufacture in September has the expiry date on august 2012.


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