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Khudkila-Step to Innovation


The event  “Khudkila-Step to Innovation” have been successfully completed. The event was categorized into two portions:​ Robotics Competition and​ Exhibition​. The robotics competition have two sub-events: manual and automatic robotics competition while the exhibition also have two sub-events​: themed​ and ​open exhibition​. More than 1200 visitors are expected in the event where over 300 participants especially robotics enthusiast students from over 20 schools and robotic organizations have participated in the event.

In the event, participants showcase their talents/skills in robotics through their various inventions, creations and robotics competitions. In the event of Robotics Competition, the winners have listed accordingly: Shangrila International School, Unity English Secondary School and CBIA(Career Building International Academy)School. The ‘ Daya Award’ achieved by New Star-pole Eng. Sec School and Mokshada School.

Similarly, the winners of the Exhibition Competition event were CBIA (Career Building International Academy)School, New Star-pole English Secondary School and Gyan Bigyan Secondary Boarding School respectively. Also, ‘Daya Award’ awarded to Erudite Academy Secondary School and Shree Sipa Tindhara Janata Secondary School. Innovative Ghar Nepal (InG Nepal) is organizing the nation-level event intending to arouse the curiosity among the children from the school level background about robotics and other technology and to uplift their interest.
Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barshaman Pun ‘Ananta’  inaugurated the one-day event innovatively. Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Kul Man Ghising was the part of the event as a guest of honour. Khudkila​-​Steps towards Innovation​ STEAM Challenge is a platform for students to engage in solving problems and foster scientific and logical thinking skills based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (​SDG​s).This event aims to cater to those inquisitive students who are always eager to expand their knowledge about technology and seek to build their career in the technical field. The event can be viewed as an “​A tribute to our Nepal government and it’s line ministry and the concerned officials who have contributed directly and indirectly to make Nepal – A Load Shedding Free Nation​” which subsequently led to enabling a favourable environment for round the clock electricity supply benefiting all the people in the country under the ambit of electrification, especially the students for their studies.