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Every relationship goes through stages. People might not notice it but certain stages develops in between relationship. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can’t avoid the inevitable. Every couple goes through a crossroads and their future is uncertain. Couple goes through each stage of the relationship as it forms and it will end up too.

Stage 1: Strangers

This is the time when you are completely unknown to each other. You always had dreamed to find a girl who will understand you until the meeting.

Stage 2: Meeting

This is a stage where you meet the one you have always dreamed about. Nowadays people are likely to meet the strangers you dreamed of through active social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or being a same class mates. You meet her through common friend or from wrong text you did on Facebook. You will be so humble to each other and excited to know more of her. So you began to chase her.

Stage 3: Chase

You will starve to know more of her. You suddenly begin to follow her social activities, you are likely looking forward to be in touch with her. All you want to do is to hang out with her. You begin to like her photos and post from months and years old. You start chatting with her, start phone conversation, start meeting her. The only person you wanna talk to is her. One thing is for sure, every time you talk with her, you get butterflies around. Somehow you mange to tell her how you feel and your relationship starts and so do the next stage ”HONEYMOON”

Stage 4: Honeymoon

Finally, girl you wanna be with is finally yours. You will have tons and tons of pictures together. You will do silly things together, watch horror movies together, you sing crazy together. You start to know everything about each other. You start sharing and showing how you feel about her. You start vowing a promises to be with her no matter how the situation turns out, you promise to see tomorrow together. You wanna grow old with her and spend rest of the life together and even in next birth. You start sharing love .You will have your first kiss. You begin to plan your future together in pinterest on a secret board. You will plan how you both wanna be in future, starts to think of your future babies. You start every bit of you to solve problems that arise between time. You will try anything just to be with her. Your first priority will be your boo and remaining other seems to fall in secondary priority. Nothings seems important than her. You will introduce her to your parents and friends. You start to be comfortable …

Stage 5: Comfortable

Every healthy couples enter stage 5, comfortable. This is the stage where you truly become who you are and start to feel comfortable with each other. This comfort will start to positively grow your relationship ahead. You will try to solve problem of each other, give and take suggestions. It depends on what you truly do with that comfort. Some use it positively growing to know each other whereas some allow space for distance. Whether it is taking each other for granted or people changing over time, bottom line is that some one stops trying. Your feelings aren’t strong as before. This could happen over few months or few years. Normal lines seems to get bigger in front of all those promises and love. You stop sharing how you feel with those lines with each other as long as you can tolerate.

Stage 6: Tolerance

When you stop trying, things happens so fast that you start to pick fight with normal lines .Like above , even the normal situation where things can be solved with mutual understanding will seems bigger . All those promises and vow of love will turn to secondary priority and doesn’t take long to go to from tolerance to downhill. Slowly the distance will grow, the communication will be low. You will start catching fights so often and the day will come where you can’t tolerate and want to be free and live normal life again.

Stage 7: The Breakup

The worst stage comes to an end with stage 6 ,breaking up. Some people breakup with mutual terms whereas some with an argument. Deep down in your heart you have this feeling where u honestly don’t wanna loose her and try to hold up, things goes out of your control .All those love, affection seems to be valueless at this point. The change will be so drastic ,so blind that you probably will go back and try to hold on again and convenience her but the situation will be worst every time you go and try to hold on. But this doesn’t always happen, the distance will grow. Gradually two of us will try to move on or find the new one.

you will follow her every social activities, you will keep burning seeing her new posts on facebook, pinterest creating fake account even if u are blocked. Your life will go on continuing different path. and everything you share become fragments to memories. All you have left will be box with random stuff that you both shared and those pictures that you captured. You will look at those photos and say “The stranger in that photo, was the important part of your life”

All you will be left is those memories and you will never be and feel the same again. Never again.this is where you lead to stage one ,“Being strangers again”

From Known to strangers…

By Sujan Awal



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