Lalitpur sees sanitation program ahead of SAARC summit

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SAARC special article 18- Remittance and labour migration in SAARC

Lalitpur, Nov 22: The Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city is replacing the hoarding boards and the shops on the road pavements in the city areas ahead of the upcoming South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Summit.

Painting and decorations in the road area were completed while the hoarding boards in Kupandole, Pulchowk, Jawalakhel, Kumaripati, Lagankhel and Satdobato have been replaced.

Similarly, the shops on the roadsides have been evacuated, chief of Sub-metropolitan city Tara Bahadur Karki said.

As per the maintenance plan, paintings and other decoration works in the temples in the Patan Durbar Square premises were also completed.

However, the job of making the city green has faced problems due to unfinished works of road construction. Flowers and plants would be planted on the roads that are repaired.

With all these, we can observe that our government is able to do something really good, but they need to be triggered time to time with these kind of events. Imagine a situation when these kind of events and summit happening in remote places of Nepal, the people living there will be able to observe a great transformation in a night. It is totally upon our government to develop our nation really quick or take it a decade back.

Nevertheless, SAARC summit is really changing the face of some places in Kathmandu.



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