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Land Acquisition Act to be corrected


Kathmandu, 27 Oct 2014: The government has forwarded amendment process of the Land Acquisition Act, saying the existing Act has created problem in course of implementing development construction projects.

The government has requested the Ministry of Land Reforms and Management to prepare a report and submit it at the National Planning Commission within three months.

During the meeting of the Agriculture and Water Resources Sub-Committee under the Legislature-Parliament, today, Vice-Chair of the Sub-Committee, Prof Dr Govinda Pokhrel, informed this.

Pokhrel added immediate amendment of the Act was necessary as there was complexities in physical, industrial and energy development due the Act.

Stating that problem has surfaced in extension of Transmission Line for lack of amendment of the Act, Minister for Energy, Radha Gyawali, said process for the amendment of the Act should be forwarded immediately.

Minister Gyawali further said the Ministry has forwarded proposal of increasing compensation to 50 per cent from 20 per cent of the land below the Electricity Transmission Line.

Similarly, Secretary at the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Sharad Chandra Poudel, urged to be serious on how to end a trend of deforestation in the name of development construction projects.

Likewise, Officiating Secretary at the Water and Energy Commission, Jhamak Prasad Sharma, said that the Electricity Act is going to be amended.

Joint-Secretary at the Finance Ministry, Baikuntha Aryal said that a total of Rs 12 billion was allocated for the extension of Transmission Line, but it has not been completely spent.

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