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Three parties meeting limited to tea/ coffee only 


Kathmandu, 27 Oct 2014: Despite continuous efforts made by the major three parties to finalize disputed issues of a new constitution, a meeting held in this connection today concluded inconclusively.

The meeting concluded after serving tea without entering the agenda, said UCPN (Maoist) vice-chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha.

Although the meeting was scheduled to hold serious discussions on restructuring the state, form of governance, electoral system and judiciary, it has been frequently concluded without any decisions.

Senior leaders of the Nepali Congress, the CPN (UML) and the UCPN (Moist) have been continuously holding discussions on these matters at different places and levels but have not reached at any conclusion.

Law Minister Narhari Acharya said that the meeting concluded without entering in to the subject matters as the CPN (UML) chair KP Shrama  Oli and other senior leaders were absent in the meeting.

Nepali Congress vice-president Ram Chandra Poudel said that the parties have a stance in forms of governance and state restructuring in comparison to electoral system and judiciary.

Similarly, the constitution political dialogue and consensus committee president Dr Baburam Bhattarai said that the meeting was more informal and that would help to finalize the disputed issues until tomorrow.

He further said that the new constitution should be promulgated by consensus on a slated time at any cost.

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