Land Survey Office, Dolpa Overchanging

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Dolpa,20 Nov 2014: The Tripurakot Land Survey Office, Dolpa is alleged of overcharging the service-seekers.

It is said the office charges more than what has been mentioned in the Citizen Charter for different services like tracing maps, producing blueprint of land maps and duplicates of land-related documents.

For example it is mentioned in the Citizen Charter that the map tracing charge is Rs 100. But the service-seekers say the office has been charging Rs 500 for this service.

“The maps are photocopied as there is no system of tracing the blueprint and they charge Rs 100 per a copy of the photocopied document,” Rabindra Shahi, a service-seeker, said. Shahi also said that the Citizen Charter is also been hung at a place not easily visible.

He said that he was charged Rs 500 for map tracing service and was not given a receipt of the transaction.

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