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Let’s unite: Prime Minister


Kathmandu, 15th Aug 2015, Let’s unite: PM Koirala Prime Minister Sushil Koirala appealed every political alliance to unite for constitution formulation process. Speaking in book release ceremony of book “Bandi jeewan ka Anubhutiharu” written by congress central member Gururaj Ghimire, Prime minster Koirala highlighted the importance of ‘unite and go’ principle for the safe landing of current transitional phase towards development and constitution drafting process. 11903339_925819487478841_125705550_n

After the succession of constitution drafting process country will grab the way of development and peace, so every political parties and unsatisfied groups should come in the table talk, he added. He says,”Now there is no meaning of fight, so every responsible citizen should think of establishing a system and peace in the country. It is not important to ko strike but to think how to maintain peace and provide rights to women, janjaati, dalit, muslims. PM Koirala mentioned his dual challenge of constitution formulation and congress’s 13th ‘Mahadhibesan’ at a time. He added he will soon focus on this agenda soon along with the process of making constitution. CPN UML leader Keshav Prasad Badal marked Gururaj Ghimire as a multitalented personality.

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His equal devotion in both politics and literature at the same time is praise worthy, he said. In a same forum, Congress leader Surendra Pandey described Ghimire as a charismatic personality and gifted talent of weird ability in memorizing the content he study. Next leader Badri Pandey praised Ghimire’s ability of mentioning the realist memories and experiences of ‘Prison life’ naturally in the book. Guru Raj Ghimire is former president of Nepal Student Union and central committee member of Nepali Congress party. Originally from Biratnagar, Ghimire is among those few political leader who is also a writer. Apparently, Guru Raj Ghimire is most admired youths and is important personality of party.




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