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Meeting Got Postponed Till This Evening


Kathmandu, June 5, 2015: The meeting which was going to be held this morning to discuss on the dispute issue of the new constitution,  has been postponed till 4:00 pm today. the four major political forces has been called for the meeting this morning.

Almost all the top leaders  of the Nepali Congress, the UCPN (Maoist) and the Unified Democratic Madhesi Front had reached the official residence of the Prime Minister,chairman of the CPN (UML) failed to attend the meeting due to health problem due to which the meeting was called off till this evening.

According to Alliance Coordinator Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar, the agreement on six to eight provinces have reached closer to agreement by the political parties and further discussion would be held in the evening in those matter.
The responsibility has been given to the top leaders of the political forces to forge consensus on the issue, at the meeting of the four political parties which was held on Thursday.

Even though it was said that leader Oli could not make it to the meeting due to health reason, but  his personal aide Ramesh Acharya told the National News Agency (RSS) that the UML chairman could not attend the meeting due to other managerial works.


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