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Men; go get the style this summer


Get trendy this summer!!

June 4, 2015: When women seek all possible fashion guides looking for summer tips….men gaze on few style tips to remain fashionable best all through this summer.summer

Choose the right accessories: Compared to women, men have fewer options for this season and  mostly shorts and T-shirts. So, accessories like moccasin and vintage leather bag will help you  play up summer style.

Bright colors take off: Shades like black, grey and white may look boring in summer. Add up some  bright coloured pants; accessories like shades and sneakers in eye-catching colors will do the  trick.

Apply sunscreen: Make sure you apply sunscreen every time you step out. You can’t put your  health at risk. Too much direct sunlight speeds up aging process.

Get that haircut: A perfect haircut gets you so much attention. But also make sure that you  have the right haircut during summer, one that helps you stay comfortable.



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