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Men, know your style to dress right


21 August, 2015: Most men can be divided into few basic style types. And if you choose what to wear according to your unique style, then you can find the right kind of dressing. Every personality is different, so are their corresponding styles. Here are few tips to decide your dress based on the style that defines your personality.

The classic gentleman: If you are a classic gentleman kinds, choosing dominant colors in your wardrobe then you fit well in this category. Go for the classic fits and abstain from outrageous colors that are in vogue these days like neon and bright orange and red kinds.

The dramatic dresser: A dramatic dresser is the one who goes all out for minute details like cufflinks, accessories, edgy cuts and sophisticated suits. If you like doing it all then this is your category.

The natural stylist: If casual and comfortable is what you like, this is the category you fit in. Go for you usual sweatshirts and casual jeans coupled with comfortable canvas shoes. Remember, if you are comfortable in what you wear, chances are you are looking good.




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