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Need Of Developing More Forest Areas To Lessen Carbon Emission


Kathmandu, June 15: Need of developing more forest areas to lessen carbon emission have been stressed by the stakeholders.

National Forum for Advocacy Nepal (NAFAN) the capital speaking at a counseling programme organized by the, various speakers today said that the locals could get opportunities to improve their income with the sustainable expansion of forest areas, forest carbon preservation and increasing carbon storage as per the concept of REDD plus.

The Ministry was preparing a strategic plan related to climate change so that Nepal could benefit from the carbon trade, under secretary at the Department of REDD (Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) Implementation under the Ministry of Forest and Soil Preservation, Narendra Bahadur Chand said.

Furtehr for the purpose he added that the condition of the forest should be improved and soil erosion should be lessened. Also he said added that the With recent agreement signed between Nepal government and Carbon Cell Unit of World Bank, 12 districts of the tarai would be benefited.

Promoting the advocacy from the civil society NAFAN Chair Bhola Bhattarai pointed out the need to take advantage from the REDD Plus after lessening the carbon emission.


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