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Nepal-India security meet to be held on June 9-10


Kathmandu, June 1, 2016: The 12th meeting of Nepal-India Bilateral Consultative Group Meeting on security issues is scheduled for June 9 and 10 in New Delhi, India.

The meeting could not be held in 2015 as the country was devastated by the earthquake that struck Nepal in April of that year. According to Spokesperson at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tara Bahadur Pokharel, a team led by Joint Secretary Prakash Kumar Subedi will lead a Nepali delegation comprising of secretary of the Defense Ministry and representatives from the Nepalese Army, among others.

During the meeting, senior officials from Nepal and India will discuss bilateral security concerns–security challenges, porous border, upgrading military support, modernizing security forces and carrying out joint exercises, trainings to fight regional security challenges, among others.

The meeting will evaluate the security challenges and come up with new security measures to tackle them, said Joint Secretary Shiva Prasad Simkhada, who is also the spokesperson at the Ministry of Defense, adding that officials were still discussing the agendas to be taken up during the bilateral meeting. The two sides will also review the progress made so far in connection with the decisions made earlier.

The bilateral meeting that are held every year alternatively in both countries will be helpful in enhancing military relations between the two countries, Defense Ministry Spokesperson Simkhada said.

During the 11th Bilateral Consultative Meeting held in 2014 in Nepal, the two sides had agreed to share information at operational level to effectively address cross border crimes such as smuggling of drugs and arms, human trafficking and wildlife poaching. The two sides had also agreed to extend cooperation in dealing with natural disaster.