New constitution through consensus real honour to Girijababu: Deputy Prime Minister Singh

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New constitution through consensus real honour to Girijababu: Deputy Prime Minister Singh

Biratnagar, 22 March, 2015 : Deputy Prime Minister Prakash Man Singh honoured three journalists from Morang district on the occasion of the 5th GP Koirala Memorial Day here today.


During the programme organized by Morang chapter of Nepal Press Union, Deputy Prime Minister Singh honoured journalist Anantaraj Neupane with GP Memorial Journalism Award, Hari Koirala with GP Koirala Youth Journalism Award and Uma Pokhrel with GP Koirala Women Journalism Award. Each of the awards carries a purse of Rs 10,000.


Speaking at the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Singh said real respect to late leader Koirala would be realized only after the peace process is taken to a logical conclusion and the new constitution promulgated.


Singh, who is also General Secretary of Nepali Congress, stressed on the need of seriousness to forge consensus among the partners of the People’s Movement II and bring the country out of the current political transition. He said Prime Minister Sushil Koirala was committed to promulgating the new constitution forging political consensus and urged the opposition parties including the Unified CPN (Maoist) to quit the protest programmes and work for political consensus in the disputed issues.


Likewise, Nepali Congress lawmaker Amrit Aryal described late Koirala as a courageous leader and founder of the Republic Nepal and stressed the need to follow his footsteps.

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